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By: Sarah Kurtenbach


What is moveHER?

moveHER is a source to build female leaders in faith.

Every Tuesday we will release a new video (each video is around 5 minutes or less in length) based on a different monthly topic that women have stated they desperately need to hear.


These topics will range from "How to Have a Difficult Conversation" to "How to Be a Better Friend" to "How to Heal Over a Heartbreak".

Our goal is to help women move forward in trusting God and trusting themselves. 

In the end, all women are in need of two things:

1) More Jesus

2) Other Women




Sarah Kurtenbach is passionate about elevating women in their confidence, leadership skills and relationship with Jesus Christ.  She loves instilling truth and wisdom in women so they can grasp onto the Lord and His love.  

From a business standpoint, Sarah is a social media and digital executive who has worked for a top Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer for over five years. Starting as the second employee, she helped grow the company to a multi-million dollar business, opened the NYC Office, brought the company through an acquisition and has worked post-acquisition within a large Fortune 500 media company, Gannett.  Post-acquisition, she became one of the youngest VP’s at Gannett.


Currently, Sarah is the Founder/Principal of the Kurtenbach group, LLC, a social media, influencer marketing and tech growth consulting company. 

Sarah married the love of her life (Chad!) in 2015 and is a mama to their little prince, Pierce and little princess, Ava.